Donald Trump is an open racist, sexist, xenophobic billionaire bigot. He is filling his administration with white supremacists, neocon war hawks and hard right-wingers. We know that he has an agenda to further pack the pockets of the 1% and do it while scapegoating and driving down the rest of us.

We will not let this happen.

We are committed to showing from day one that we stand in solidarity with Muslims, people of color, women, immigrants, LGBTQ folk, unions and all of the working class and firmly against Trump and everything he stands for. We are marching on D.C. on January 20th to show him that we are a massive resistance ready and organized to fight back. We reject Donald Trump as our President and we will not let him carry out his bigoted agenda. Join us in D.C. for the counter-inauguration!
Check this page for information about local buses, lodging and other logistics related to getting Boston and burbs out for this historic event.